“We started this venture as Villa Alanya in 2003, with the principle of ‘providing world-class solutions and services to our customers, and we have managed to become a big company in Alanya with our development.
As VİLLA ALANYA ESTATE in 2007, we are a well-known company in Alanya, which has been serving for 14 years with our professional service understanding incorporate size.
All Real Estate Agents Federation of Turkey Real Estate Academy Responsible Real Estate Advisor (5th Level). He is a member of Alanya Real Estate Association and Chamber of Commerce and Alanya Chamber of Commerce.
Along with our cooperation with 50+ real estate agents in Alanya, we are also making villa and real estate helper and solution partnerships for our collaborative companies.

Since our company is also a construction company
We are doing the construction of the villa in your dreams in the region you want, in the model you want, with the land you choose.
We have done the construction of villas for very well-known figures who will be the reference living in the villa we have built happily now..

Since our company is an appraisal for the state bank
We provide services as an Appraisal with banks for real estate to be purchased from different customers,
What happens is that we never buy any villas, flats or land in our company’s market in exaggerated figures with no value..
We are here to make you better quality and safe homeowner..
in our company
We have english. german. and russian.arabic departments and they serve you in your own language.
Also, it doesn’t leave you alone after you own a house.
It makes a rental income guarantee contract for your right investment.
Within our $400.000 investment, a Turkish passport and indefinite residence permit are provided for you and your family.
You are not alone in Alanya, we are here

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