As you know, according to the circular numbered 2019/5, the provisions for Turkish citizenship would be valid as of 01/01/2023. According to the guide, only acquisitions made before midnight on 31/12/2022 would be accepted. In addition, in the last sentence of the second page, it is written that after these provisions come into force, if the purchased properties do not meet the amount required for the acquisition of citizenship, it is not possible to complete the remaining amount with the promise of the sale contract.

Due to the increase in transaction demands at the end of 2022, there were delays in the title deed transactions for foreigners until 2023. An evaluation was made by reconsidering the subject and as a result of this evaluation, it was stated that these provisions were valid as of 01/02/2023 and that the sales or applications made until 12.00 a.m. on 31/01/2023 or the sales promise contracts signed at the Notary on 13/06/2022 It is stated that it will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Guideline dated 2022.

Also, in the last sentence of the second page of the assessment, it is stated that after the effective date of this guide, the purchased properties cannot be completed with the remaining promise of the sale contract if they do not meet the amount required for obtaining citizenship.

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