The Russia-Ukraine war, which continued unabated in 2023, took its place in the world again with news from Germany.

While an intense war continues in the east of the country, Ukraine continues to resist with the support of the West. There is bad news about the German-made tanks, which Ukraine is waiting for urgently.

In addition to the main opposition in Germany, government partners and a large part of the people are pressuring Prime Minister Olaf Scholz to send ‘Leopard 2’ type German tanks to Ukraine. However, although the German Chancellor bowed to the pressure and decided to send the weapons to Kiev, it may be possible for these weapons to go to Ukraine before 2024. Papperger, who wrote in Bild am Sonntag newspaper, currently has 22 ‘Leopard 2’ and 88 ‘Leopard 1’ type tank speeches drawing and lifting the sky;

‘It is out of the question for us to make these tanks usable in their orders to us. Because it costs millions of Euros. We cannot finance it to the extent of ourselves. Tanks will not only be painted but they will also be technically equipped to make them battle ready. For this, the whole result has to be re-disposed one by one. That takes time too.’ He said.

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