In the winter months, the prices of the bills caused by heating can be very high. To avoid this situation, you can use economical heating methods. By paying attention to the important points for heat saving, using the right devices, and changing your habits, you can warm up in a less costly way. It is possible to reduce your heating costs by 30% with the right methods.


When purchasing a combi, you should pay attention to whether the combi is conventional or condensing. Condensing combi boilers save you up to 30%. Also, you should not turn the boiler off completely. Intermittent and short-term operation of the boiler results in undesirable results such as higher fuel consumption and a reduction in the life of the device. Continuous operation of the combi at low settings provides you with more efficient use.


Covering the radiators causes heat loss. To prevent heat loss, you should not cover the radiators or keep anything on them. Even this small precaution can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.


Electric heaters cause a greater expense than natural gas. For this reason, it is a great advantage for you to reduce the use of electric heaters and change the degree of the boiler instead. But if you are using an electric heater, the heater must be close to the place where the water heater will be used, and the distance is not more than 6 meters. In addition, water leaks are a major source of trouble, if there is a water leak, it should be repaired as soon as possible. It should be noted that the valve to be installed on the cold and hot water connections is one-way. Insulating hot water pipes is also an important issue. Operating the water heater fully is also a precaution that should not be ignored.


Closing the cracks in the window edges and doors increases the thermal insulation. In this way, the cold air outside will be prevented from entering and the warm air in the house will not come out. Savings can be achieved by covering the places where cold air enters, such as window sides, under doors, and in the rooms.


Applying heat-reflective film on windows is another way to save money on cooling. Using a heat-reflective film reduces the penetration of sun rays into the house and prevents the house from being excessively hot. In addition to better maintaining the temperature of the environment, these films also protect from the harmful rays of the sun.


The idea that painting the house’s walls and roof in a dark color saves energy is a common misconception. Light color paints should be preferred on the roofs and interior and exterior walls of the house. Light-colored paints have lower thermal conductivity.

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