With the success of the health system in Turkey increasing in recent years, a study published in The Lancet shows that Turkey’s health system ranks 60th among 195 countries in the world. In addition to the growing number of medical schools and specialists in the country, it is easy to find well-trained and English-speaking medical professionals.

Foreign tourists who travel and do not have any insurance can benefit from health services in Turkey free of charge in case of emergency. According to the circular numbered 2010/16, emergency health services must be provided free of charge to all individuals, regardless of private or public health institutions.

If you want to reside in Turkey for a long time and want to benefit from health insurance, Turkey offers two options for foreign nationals to benefit from health services. Universal health insurance and private health insurance are among these two options.

Foreigners who have a residence permit in Turkey, foreigners who do not have insurance in a country other than Turkey, and foreigners who have lived in Turkey for more than one year and applied after this period can benefit from universal health insurance.

How can we apply for universal health insurance?
For foreigners to receive universal health insurance, they must first have lived in Turkey for one year. You can benefit from all medical care for a monthly fee. In addition, when you apply for health insurance, your spouse and children under the age of 18 can also benefit from health services for foreigners.

How can we apply for private health insurance?
If you want to have private health insurance, you can benefit from private health insurance by paying a monthly fee to any insurance company. The difference between private health insurance from general health insurance is that it provides more opportunities. It is also easier to find an English-speaking doctor or an assistant in private hospitals.

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