Foreign nationals with residence permit in Turkey wonder how they should proceed when they want to change their place of residence. Expressions such as how to change the address, and where to apply, let us briefly inform you as Villa Alanya Real Estate.

If you are foreign and want to get an address ;

1. First, you must have a passport, residence permit, and rental agreement.

2. With these documents, you register yourself with your new address to the population directorate of the district in the region and get the new address settlement document.

3. Afterwards, you go to the immigration directorate in the province where you see your settlement document and submit a petition.

  Although the process is that easy, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. These;

• If you have changed your address after you have approved your residence permit and received your card, transfer to the immigration office in your favorite city.

• Foreigners who have obtained a residence or work permit from the consulates must apply to the Population Directorate within 20 days at the latest after their entry and exit to their country, and have their address registration system registered.

• Foreigners who have obtained a residence or work permit from within the country must apply to the Population Directorate and register in the address registration system within twenty working days at the latest after the announcement that these permits have been delivered.

• Foreigners with an address located in a city different from the city where they have received the residence permit must apply for a new residence permit within 20 days at the latest in order to reside in the city they have moved to.

• If the foreign national does not apply within the specified time, their identity can be revoked. Care should be taken in this regard.

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