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Turkey was shaken by a 7.7 earthquake, the epicenter of which is the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş and affecting 10 provinces. Efforts to save those trapped under the rubble continue with extraordinary efforts despite the freezing cold. While the works for the accommodation of the earthquake victims continue, the whole of Turkey took action. He became a single heart for financial and moral support. According to the statements made by the official authorities, you can help earthquake victims as follows;

In the statement made by AFAD, “There is a great demand from our citizens who want to support the works carried out in the provinces affected by the earthquake. Our citizens who want to help will be able to send an SMS (20 TL) to 1866 by typing ‘DEPREM‘ and donating via their bank account numbers.’

In addition, citizens who want to support the aid campaign of the KIZILAY can contribute (15TL) by writing ‘AFET‘ and sending it to 2868.

AFAD does not only provide financial aid. Sending teams to the region from the moment the earthquake occurred, AFAD also delivers blankets, living tents, beds, and kitchen sets collected from different provinces to the regions. The presidency makes announcements as needed. However, here too, unused products are preferred in line with the needs lists.

If you are in Turkey, you can collect your aid according to this list of needs and deliver it to the collection areas created by the municipalities. However, if you are far from transportation areas or not within the country, you can transfer money via SMS or from banks.

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