For many people, the villa represents luxury, tranquility, comfort, and freedom. In order to have this quality, there are issues that buyers should pay attention to when buying a villa. These elements include all the requirements that should be in the house to be lived in and are the elements that are important for the full realization of dreams.

  • First of all, it would be right to determine the purpose of the villa you will buy. If you are buying the villa to use for all four seasons, the criteria you need to look at change, while if you are going to use it for living in the summer seasons, the options you need to evaluate may differ. For example, if you are going to use it only in summer, it may be important for you to be close to the sea.

  • If the villa whose location is determined will have a garden, you need to check whether the garden is included in the title deed. Although there is a deed problem in the gardens included in the title deed, it will not be possible to use the garden as desired. Another issue that should be considered when buying a villa is that the location of the villa will not disturb the peace. The factors that will cause noise in the environment should be reviewed.

  • Another important element is the facade of the villa. Having a glass balcony at the entrance is important in terms of preserving the heat of the house during the winter period.

  • You should also check the building materials used in the villa you will buy. The building material of the villa is important for the renovations you will make in the house. Heating systems are also important elements. If there is a fireplace in the house, it should be learned whether it can be used for decoration or heating. If it is for heating purposes, it should be known whether there is insulation against fire hazards in the chimney of the fireplace, and when and how it is maintained and cleaned. In addition, the heating systems in villas can be of different types. In addition to options such as natural gas and electricity as fuel, heating can be provided by floor or air conditioners.

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