When you move to a new place with your children, one of your priorities is education opportunities in the place you move. It is very important to have prestigious schools around you and to create an environment in which your children will adapt. International schools, which provide a very good environment to reduce the cultural confusion that will occur especially when you move to a new country, are very important for the new environment your children enter. Since Turkey hosts a large number of foreign people, it has offered many international school opportunities. Some of the international schools in Alanya are;

1. Özel Alanya Kampüs Anadolu Lisesi

2. Özel Yaşam Tasarım Okulları Fen Lisesi

3. Özel Alanya İTÜ ETA Vakfı Doğa Koleji Ortaokulu

4. Özel Alanya Hamdullah Eminpaşa Anadolu Lisesi


The above-mentioned schools do their best to provide students with the best opportunity, as well as provide education in both English and Turkish. In addition, these schools are located in the center of Alanya. Since schools have their own pricing policies and promotional campaigns, it is not possible to set a specific fee for their prices. School fees may vary due to factors such as location, certification, and title.

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