Turkey offers many options to couples who are going to get married. In addition to having many options for the wedding venue, it is a plus for couples that they can start their honeymoon right after the wedding by reaching the nearest resort in no time at all.

According to the Turkish Marriage Law and Regulations, a Turkish citizen and a foreign person or two foreign people can marry each other and this process is only done by the authorized Turkish authorities. Two foreigners of the same nationality can get married in Turkey at the embassy or consulate offices of their own country or at the Turkish Marriage Offices operated by local municipalities.

Foreigners who want to get married in Turkey (or foreigners with Turkish citizenship) have to present a document from the competent authorities of their home country proving that they are not currently married. Otherwise, it is not possible for the Turkish authorities to make a new marriage.


• Foreign nationals must have the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved the Turkish Celibacy Certificate, which they will receive from the consulates of their own countries.

• Passports must be notarized with their Turkish translation.

• If the couples do not speak Turkish, they will have a sworn translator during the application. Statements will be filled in accompanied by an interpreter. They will also have an interpreter available during the wedding.

In Celibacy Documents

• Name, surname, date, and place of birth, parents’ names

• Nationality, passport, or ID number

• The appropriate marital status (single, divorced, or widowed) will be written.


• If the woman is widowed, the date of death of her husband will be written, and if she is divorced, the date of divorce will be written.

• A divorced or widowed woman will bring a Birth Certificate indicating her maiden name.

• There will be a statement stating that there is no objection to the marriage of the person in the certificates of celibacy.

• The legal validity period of all documents is 6 months.

    In addition, there are some conditions in Turkish law to ensure a valid marriage. These conditions consist of:

Marriage competence: Only those with discernment and sufficient mental capacity are allowed to marry. Mental illness, therefore, creates an obstacle to marriage. In addition, a person must be at least 18 years old to be able to marry.

Kinship: Marriage between close relatives is prohibited.

Existing marital status: Monogamy is one of the basic principles of Turkish family law. If there is, it is not possible to make a second marriage before the previous marriage ends.

Waiting period: Women who have ended their marriage can marry after 300 days (9 months) from the date of divorce. Also, the decision to divorce may specify a waiting period during which the spouse cannot remarry.

Disease: Epilepsy, hysteria, etc. Some diseases, such as marriage, constitute an obstacle to marriage.


1. Marriage Application Petition

2. Passport and Identity Card

3. Health report

4. Passport Photo

5. Certificate of Celibacy

6. Accommodation Certificate

7. Marriage License Certificate

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