Metaverse is a virtual universe that allows users to create various digital assets and trade them through various coins. Like the real world, the metaverse is made up of landmasses. These lands are represented as NFTs on the blockchain, giving full ownership to the person holding them.

Metaverse lands are the most profitable investment in the metaverse world. These lands are strategic investments that can gain value over time, just like in real life. People can buy, sell or lease these lands. Thus, they can earn passive income from these investments.

Each metaverse consists of a limited number of terrains with a fixed size. Users can build these lands by filling them with digital assets (buildings, vehicles, games o,r any kind of 3D objects) and earn income by renting these assets.

If we pay for real estate when buying real estate in the real world, the same is true in the virtual universe. However, the material costs here are not paid with money, but with coins. For this, you need a valid cryptocurrency platform where you will buy the metaverse plot and a digital wallet that will keep this crypto money in it. So first you need to decide on which platform to buy metaverse land.


OVR is among the most popular platforms for selling The Sandbox and Decentraland metaverse plots. Here are some other marketplaces where you can buy land in the Metaverse universe:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Blocktopia
  • Genesis City
  • nextearth. io
  • Dvision Network
  • myneighboralice
  • Lunacia
  • MatrixWorld Land Sale


After deciding on the platform on which you will buy the Metaverse land, you can become the owner by following the steps below.

  1. You must have a digital wallet on the platform where you will purchase the Metaverse plot. You can use any cryptocurrency exchange for this.
  2. Buy valid coins on your chosen platform to get Metaverse land.
  3. Transfer these coins you bought to your account on the platform where you will get the metaverse plot.
  4. Select an island and parcel from the relevant platform according to your budget and ROI.
  5. You can buy the land you have chosen with the coins you have.

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