When you want to buy new real estate or sell your existing property, you have to deal with title deed transactions. In this article, we will talk about the documents that the buyer and seller should have in the title deed appointment for your convenience.

First of all, we would like to remind you that before starting the deed transactions, there is no appointment without an appointment, you need to make a deed appointment. You can make your deed appointment either by calling or online.


       Documents required for the seller

• Identity card and its photocopy

• Original and photocopy of the deed

• A document showing that there is no tax debt for the real estate purchased from the municipality.

• Document showing the real estate tax current value from the municipality

        Documents required for the buyer

  • Original and photocopy of identity card

• Power of attorney

• Housing sales cannot be made without a TCIP policy.

• In case of missing documents, re-application should be made after the documents are completed.

• Payment of title deed and property tax must be made before the deed transactions.

Documents required for legal person title deed transfer transactions

• A certificate of authorization issued by the Trade Registry Office, which clearly states the authorization and the identity information of the authorities, is required for sales related to property. Attention should be paid to the fact that the certificate of authorization obtained from the affiliated directorate is up-to-date.

• A letter from the municipality that is subject to current value and no tax debt.

• The original and one copy of the tax plate

• If the sale will take place on behalf of the company with a power of attorney, the original power of attorney should be submitted.

• Signature circular of the company official


The title deed fee is 4% of the sales amount shown in the title deed for all real estate elements. Apart from the title deed fee, an additional payment of 1,298,5 TL is made for the year 2023 during the real estate purchase and sale process.

It is also a matter of curiosity how to calculate the title deed fee. If the calculation is made according to the situation where the buyer will pay 2 percent of the title deed fee and the seller will pay the other 2 percent, the buyer must pay the 2 thousand lira part of a real estate with a sales amount of 100 thousand lira in the title deed, and the seller the other 2 thousand lira.

Persons exempt from property tax

Widows and orphans, housewives, retirees, the disabled, veterans, relatives of martyrs, the unemployed, do not pay property tax if they do not have additional income and have a house with a gross area not exceeding 200m2.

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