While the war, which started with the order of Russian President Putin, still continues, flash statements that will create an event on the world’s agenda came from Moscow.

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which started in February of 2022, continues in 2023, despite the passing of a whole year. While the loss of life continued in the war, which continued its intensity in the eastern region of the country, two flash statements came from Russia.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, one of President Putin’s closest allies, announced that Russia is at war with NATO in Ukraine. In addition, Patrushev said, “The events in Ukraine are not a conflict between Moscow and Kyiv. This is a military conflict between Russia and NATO, especially the US and the UK.’

After this statement, while the world’s agenda was shaking, a second exit came from Russia. Russian Defense Minister gave the message that they will continue to continue Russia’s nuclear threats by saying “We will continue to develop nuclear weapons”. “Since the nuclear shield is and continues to be the main guarantor of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state, we will continue to develop the nuclear triad and be ready for war.”

On the other hand, Ukraine announced the number of Russian soldiers killed since the beginning of the war as 112 thousand 470, in addition to the killing of 710 Russian soldiers in one day. However, Russia has not made an update on its military losses for a long time.

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