The Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre makes effective use of the opportunities of the digital age. They implemented the Web-Tapu Project to reduce the processes in title deed transactions and to carry out the services provided in an electronic environment with better quality and speed. Web-Tapu is a system where citizens can manage their properties on the internet without going to the land registry office, and viewing the title deed registration and location information of the properties.


• Without going to the land registry office, you can apply for sales, mortgage, transfer of inheritance, and all similar title deeds and send the necessary documents to the land registry directorate.

• You can establish or remove a statement of non-action on your property. Thus, you can take precautions against fraud attempts.

• If you are the owner of the title deed, you can see the information of your own property, and you can get the title deed, mortgage certificate, and title registration sample through the system without going to the land registry office.

• With the system, you can stop the seller and the buyer from going to the land registry office together by authorizing the information of your property to be examined by someone else.

• With the application, you can find out the stage of your application and pay the fees and revolving funds electronically.

• Finally, services are provided to foreign citizens, public institutions, real estate agents, real estate appraisers, licensed mapping and cadastral offices, legal entities, and foundations registered in the trade registry, via the web title deed.

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