Today, one of the opportunities that the world of technology provides us is to be able to travel often without distinction between far or near. Innovations in transportation, official transactions, and, of course, accommodation are the most basic pillars of easy travel.

Airbnb started when two entrepreneurs with a house to share hosted travelers looking for a place to stay. Millions of travelers and hosts are now creating Airbnb accounts to share their homes and find accommodation anywhere in the world. In addition to financial gains, with the Airbnb experience, travelers have the opportunity to get to know the local culture, while the hosts have the opportunity to come together with people from different cultures.


• The host who wants to share his house creates an ad through the Airbnb system.

• The traveler selects the date range, city, and many other features he prefers, and contacts him to reserve the house he sees fit for him.

• When the reservation request is approved, the rental process starts, and the landlord can reject it regardless of the reason.

• Deposits are kept within Airbnb until the reservation is confirmed.

• After the request is approved, all information is transmitted to both parties.

• The next steps are done through direct communication between the landlord and the tenant.

• Money is transferred to the landlord after the reservation period of the house is over.

• After this process is completed, both parties can interpret and give points on the system.

• Comments and ratings are the most important feature of the Airbnb system. Because a negative comment from the landlord or the traveler may later cause difficulties in the landlord’s rental of the house or the traveler’s renting a house.


In the Airbnb application, which is currently one of the most preferred digital platforms in the world, some problems may arise due to users. The application does not accept any responsibility in such cases. They use the scoring system to solve these problems that may arise. The scoring system is applied to establish mutual trust.

Problems that occur apart from these, such as the landlord’s removal of the guest before the end of the contract, are resolved by Airbnb with the legal sanctions of the country in which it is located. To protect both parties, a contract is made through the system and offered it to both parties as a guarantee.

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