Real estate is considered the safest investment. After investing, many questions arise in your mind about when to sell your house. Although it is not possible for us to know the future, it is possible to sell your house at the right time by evaluating several factors and making more conscious choices.

In addition to factors such as the regional conditions of the real estate you want to sell, and the interest rates for the period, you should separately evaluate factors such as the fact that you bought your house from the project. Considering these factors, we will try to touch on the details in our article.

1- Housing prices in the region

House prices are determined periodically by making general price analyzes. Despite this, the regional analysis you will do without selling your house will always provide you with healthier results. For example, while there is a downward trend in housing prices throughout the city, the region where your house is located may not be affected by the downward trend.

In order to sell your house at the right time, you can examine the housing prices in your region along with the changes in a few seasons.


Deciding on the season to sell your home can be difficult. Spring and summer are the periods when real estate purchases and sales are the highest. In addition to these periods, there is an increase in the purchase of housing at the end of the year.

However, your advertisement may be less noticeable due to the increase in advertisements during these periods. In this competitive environment, you may have to reduce your earnings. Therefore, if you are looking for the right time to sell your house, you can skip these seasons.


After determining the right time to sell your house and placing the ad, even if you are not in a hurry, the elapsed time may be too long. In this case, if you think you have determined your house’s price correctly, there is no need to worry. Sometimes, seasonal problems in the area where the house is located or the regulations in the market can negatively affect your house sales.

You can work with professionals to determine the right price for your home.


If you bought a house from a construction project, the first thing you need to do is transfer the title deed. Because in order for the house to be sold, there must first be a deed in the name of the buyer in the records.

According to the regulation, the houses in the projects must be delivered within 36 months at the latest. In other words, if you buy a house from a housing project today, you can sell your house in 3 years at the most. But it has some requirements.

The first is to have a mortgage on the house. The second is the agreement with the construction company. The construction company may restrict the right of sale for a period of time by contract. Checking this out can be important to you when trying to determine the right time to sell your home. In addition, in some construction companies, this restriction may be in the form of a base price for sale.


You can wait for the construction to be finished to sell your new home. If your house is located on a site and the construction of the common areas has not been completed, the value of the house will decrease.

After construction is complete, you can expect the occupancy rate on the site to increase. When setting this waiting period, you should also pay attention to the age of your house, it is often stated that the house should be sold before the age of 5-6.

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